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Column: WCS marks Christian Education Week

WORTHINGTON -- The classrooms and halls of Worthington Christian School have been filled with grandparents, parents and other special guests as the students and staff celebrated Christian Education Week April 22-26.

Every April, a week is set aside to celebrate Christian Education across the United States and Canada. The theme for 2013 is Living Stones based on I Peter 2:5a, "You, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house." Christian Education Week is our opportunity to celebrate the living stones in the spiritual house of God. God's spiritual house is under construction. The stones of buildings are dead stones, but the spiritual stones of God's house are alive. Our churches, our homes and our Christian schools are preparing and equipping kingdom builders. Each person who acknowledges Jesus as Lord is one of those living stones in God's house. Joined together we create a solid foundation, each stone equally valuable and needed in the house of the King of Kings.

Grandparents are an important part of the foundation of Worthington Christian School. On Monday, the students welcomed their grandparents and special guests into the classrooms. This is such an exciting time for the students and grandparents alike. The older generation receives a glimpse of what education looks like in 2013. The classroom and learning looks very different now compared to when our grandparents attended school -- some of them alumni of Worthington Christian School. However, the most important building block remains the same: We have based our beliefs and standards on the Bible, which is infallible and unchanging. We are grateful to our grandparents for the rich heritage and legacy they have laid out for us.

Our parents represent another solid layer of stone in the foundation of WCS. Wednesday brought the much anticipated Muffins with Moms event. Moms had their turn to spend the morning with their child and observe the unique gifts their child brings to the classroom setting. A mid-morning muffin and coffee break gave the moms and students a chance to mingle, and some moms even joined their child for fresh air during outdoor recess time.

Thursday was our annual Spring Concert. The third- and fourth-grade students performed on their recorders in front of an audience for the first time. The Fifth-Grade Band selections included "Playing Around the Stars" and "The Victors." The Junior High Band featured "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," "Stickmen," and "Driving Drumline." The grand finale was our entire student body performing the musical

"Land of Giants-Giants of Faith." The story started with the Giants baseball team playing the Cardinals and winning the game. They soon realize they will be up against the Phillies, the biggest, baddest batting line-up in the area. After jumping the fence in search of their baseball they discover the Land of the Giants, where grass towers over their heads and soda cans are bigger than barrels. They are then introduced to heroes from the Bible who, though small, were giants of faith.

This celebratory Christian Education week concludes today as we make our way to Roller Roulette in Sheldon, Iowa, for an all-school skating party. Skating has been a yearly tradition at WCS dating way back. It is a great day to laugh, skate and celebrate christian friendships. The students, parents, grandparents and staff are living spiritual stones in God's house when we build each other up for the King. Each of us is a living stone when we respond to the call to be disciples of Jesus. At Worthington Christian School we are educating children in the light of God's word, and preparing them for a life of service to God, His creation and their community.

Lori Eekhoff is principal of Worthington Christian School.