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MCC student qualifies for national spelling bee

Alyssa Boynton poses with her award Wednesday after winning the Multi-Regional Spelling Bee in Fergus Falls. (submitted photo)

SLAYTON — It took 20 challenging rounds and nearly 400 words, but a champion emerged at Wednesday’s Multi-Region State Spelling Bee in Fergus Falls.

Alyssa Boynton, a seventh grader from Murray County Central in Slayton, correctly spelled periphrastic — defined as an author’s meaning — after Yash Kapoor from Crookston High School misspelled raclette, a French word meaning a dish of Swiss origin consisting of melted cheese.

It was evident that Boynton had studied as she breezed through such words as mizzle, alim, jnana, apparatchik and voortrekker.

“I studied lists from the dictionary mostly,” commented Alyssa. “When I went there, I didn’t think I would win. But I am really excited. I have never been to Washington, D.C.”

She explained that the only difficult part was hearing the pronunciation of some of the words from the judges.

“When I was studying list of words I pronounced them a lot differently than the judges, so that was tricky,” she explained.

Boynton now advances to the Scripps National Spelling Bee, set for May 25-31 in Washington, D.C., to compete for the national title.

“Alyssa has worked extremely hard to earn this chance,” said Mark Schlesiman, spelling bee coordinator at Murray County Central. “She will represent MCC and the Multi-Region with poise and integrity.”

Boynton explained how the competition runs when she gets to nationals.

“They spread out the competition over those days with an orientation and then the preliminaries, semifinals and then the finals,” Boynton said.

The trip to Washington has all expenses paid by the National Spelling Bee. In addition, Boynton and her mother — who will be accompanying her on the trip — will receive $700 in spending money.

“I’m excited because we are only at the competition for a couple hours, then we can go sightseeing,” Boynton added.

Boynton is very active in MCC’s knowledge bowl, school play and — of course — the spelling, which she has been a part of all throughout her school career thus far.

Despite her excitement to go to Washington, Boynton hopes that she doesn’t win this year, but next instead.

“If you win at nationals, you can’t compete again, so for my last year I’d really like to win,” she explained.

Boynton may not be traveling to nationals until May, but until then busy bee will keep studying for the competition.

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Erin Trester
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