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St. Mary’s students raise $10,200 as part of million-dollar statewide raffle

WORTHINGTON — St. Mary’s students made their mark on this year’s Annual Catholic Schools Raffle by raising $10200 in just six weeks, every penny of which will go to the school’s coffers.

Students and families of St. Mary’s were able to accomplish this feat by taking part in the 2014 Annual Catholic Schools Raffle, a fundraiser sponsored by Catholic United Financial. Along with an additional 84 other Catholic schools in Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota, the raffle put $1,022,995 into educators’ hands.

Catholic United Financial covers all the costs associated with this multi-school raffle, providing $50,000 in prizes, tickets, and all the promotional material to help schools spread the word and raise money for their students. Catholic United covers these costs so the participating schools can use every cent they raise to provide for improved technology, infrastructure, tuition assistance or any other need they may face.

“We’ve come a long way in a very short time,” Catholic United President Harald Borrmann said of the five-year-old raffle. “We are so proud of this program, and so proud of the volunteers and students at the schools who make it such a success.”

Along with the financial boon provided by ticket sales, Catholic United also incents ticket selling for students and schools. A HD Kindle Fire tablet was awarded at St. Mary’s, and the top-selling classroom will receive a pizza party. The three schools that sold the most tickets per student will also receive a $3,500 grant in addition to their raffle earnings.

The grand prize drawing took place Thursday and was streamed live on the Internet for all the participants and the hopeful buyers of almost 200,000 tickets to see.

The Annual Catholic Schools Raffle is in its fifth year, and in that short time has helped schools raise more than $3.2 million. It will return in 2015 with the goal of helping Catholic educators add another $1 million to that grand total.

To see a list of results, and view photos and video of the event, visit www.catholicunitedfinancial.