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Editorial: Candidates' debate isn't pretty

A West Central Tribune editorial published in Monday's Daily Globe issued a call for civility between gubernatorial candidates.

Unfortunately, that call doesn't seem likely to be heeded anytime soon. The Tribune editorial, published in the Willmar-based newspaper (a sister paper of the Daily Globe) last Thursday, appeared one day before a contentious debate that no doubt left a fair share of potential voters shaking their heads in disdain.

"Minnesota's governor race launched explosively Friday night as the three major candidates argued loudly in their initial debate, often not letting each other finish answers," read the opening paragraph of Don Davis' debate story published Saturday.

The fact that DFL primary winner Mark Dayton and Republican victor Tom Emmer got after each other should not surprise anyone. Republicans, after all, have plenty of ammunition to throw at Dayton; the liberal Democrat, for example, gave himself an "F" for his work while serving in the U.S. Senate, and the GOP has deemed his candidacy for governor "too risky for Minnesota." Emmer, on the other hand, has received the blessing of Sarah Palin; enough said from the standpoint of DFLers.

Where does this leave Tom Horner., the Independence Party candidate? Right in the middle, which seemingly is an ideal place to be. But instead of staying above the fray of the two major party rivals, Horner also got involved in the verbal jousting, not allowing Dayton to finish at one juncture.

Can't they all just get along?