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Editorial: New drug disposal bill applauded

Sen. Amy Klobuchar

For four hours last Saturday, Worthington's Prairie Justice Center hosted a Drug Take-Back Day event, during which unused and expired prescription drugs were collected for destruction. Prairie Justice Center was one of 3,400 law enforcement sites across the U.S. that participated in the initiative, which served to help reduce the threat that diversion and abuse of prescription drugs poses to public health.

On Thursday, U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, along with fellow Sen. John Cornyn, announced that their legislation to allow the safe disposal of medications had passed Congress and would be sent to President Barack Obama to sign into law. According to a press release from Klobuchar's office, the Secure and Responsible Drug Disposal Act "will provide consumers with safe and responsible ways to dispose of unused controlled substances."

Stated Klobuchar in the release: "As we saw last weekend at the National Drug Take-Back Day, people want to get rid of their unused drugs, and with this new law we make it easier for them to do this."

The legislation, which is touted by 41 state attorneys general, is clearly in the best interest of our collective safety. Thanks to this law, we can look forward to additional events such as the one last Saturday across the nation.