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Editorial: Bachmann - a candidate for Democrats to root for

Don Davis/ State Capitol Bureau

Now that it's becoming increasingly apparent that U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann will run for president, it's time to take a serious look at what kind of scrutiny a Bachmann candidacy should entail.

This sort of examination should certainly be done by analyzing any number of Bachmann's outright falsehoods and/or verbal gaffes. Her by-now-infamous statement in New Hampshire, "You're the state where the shot was heard around the world at Lexington and Concord," is a head-scratcher coming from someone in a leadership position in national government. That's a mere historical blunder, though, as opposed to any number of statements critical of Democrats and President Obama (No, he didn't spent $200 million a day in taxpayer money for his India trip) that simply aren't anywhere near accurate.

But there's much more to Bachmann than her ability to freely substitute fiction for facts. Speaking Monday in Iowa, Bachmann, according to an Associated Press report, said she intended to not support the 11th-hour budget deal reached last Friday because of what it doesn't do. "Voters expected us to defund Obama-care," Bachmann said.

Well, voters also expect legislators to get their work done and not shut down the government.Is Bachmann's devotion to tea-party politics and conservative causes more important to her than ultimately opting to protect all Americans from an inoperative government?

Many Republicans in recent months have sought to distance themselves from Bachmann. Democrats, for their part, should be hopeful her party unites behind her in a presidential run. Republicans, for theirs, can definitely do much better.