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GOP presidential candidate Bachmann makes campaign stop in Sibley + video

Aaron Hagen/Daily Globe GOP presidential candidate, Rep. Michele Bachmann (right), R-Minn, greets supporters during a campaign stop at Pizza Ranch in Sibley, Iowa.2 / 2

SIBLEY, Iowa -- A crowd of cheering supporters met with presidential candidate Michele Bachmann Friday afternoon at Sibley's Pizza Ranch.

Bachmann, who rode into town on a giant blue campaign bus with family and supporters, is in the midst of 10-day tour of Iowa's 99 counties.

Her Sibley stop was her fourth during this first day of her campaign blitz.

"Iowa chose Barack Obama, now Iowa has to choose Barack Obama's replacement," Bachmann told the crowd in the restaurant.

After wishing everyone a merry Christmas, Bachmann began to talk about her other opponents for the Republican nomination.

"If you look at all the candidates on the stage, which candidate has looked him in the eye and taken him on," Bachmann said.

Bachmann then went on to list various issues she had challenged the president on, from cap and trade to illegal immigration.

"I can't wait to stand on the stage with him during the debate and completely deflate everything he's said about our economy," Bachmann said.

Bachmann then went on to tell the audience about Ronald Reagan in the 1980 campaign against Jimmy Carter, and alluded to his well-known "better off four years ago" speech to her current position in the 2012 election.

Bachmann also discussed gas prices, saying when Obama took office, gas prices went up.

"I want to bring gas prices back to $1.79 a gallon," Bachmann said. "And we can because the United States is the number one energy resource bridge in the world. The problem is the federal government has locked up all the oil and natural gas and coal, and said, 'Forget it, we're not going use it anymore.' Not me -- I'm going to legalize it."

Bachmann also spoke of immigration, saying if she was elected she would put up a wall in the southwest area of the U.S.

"I'm going to make English the official language," Bachmann said. "We will end welfare subsidies for illegal aliens, and I'm going to end the practice of anchor babies -- where illegal aliens come into the United States and have a baby, and that baby is given American citizenship and immediate access to welfare benefits"

"That is going to end in the United States," Bachmann added.

Bachmann said if elected, she would abolish the tax code and put in a "pro-growth tax code."

She also said she would end "Obamacare," the health care bill Obama put in early in his presidency.

Bachmann asked for Iowa's support in the Jan. 3 Iowa Caucus.

"I'm an Iowan; I was born in Waterloo and raised Cedar Falls, and my family has been here since the 1850s," Bachmann said. "I've been taking the voice of Iowa to the halls of Congress. Now, I want to take the voice of Iowa to the White House."

When asked why people should vote for her over the other Republican candidates, Bachmann again recalled Reagan, who had been hailed as "too conservative" in 1980 and elected president nevertheless.

"The fact is, we need the most conservative candidate we can get," Bachmann said. "We don't need a moderate. If we had a moderate who has voted or agreed with Barack Obama on the health care mandate, or on cap and trade or on illegal immigration... What's our candidate going to talk with him about on stage for 90 minutes?"

Bachmann said of all her nomination rivals, she was the proven candidate who has taken Obama on.

"No other candidate has more national security experience on current issues as I have," Bachmann said. "I sit on the Intelligence Committee, and I will tell you we are in a very dangerous time right now across the world."

She said the country needs someone who is up to speed because "our next president will be tested almost immediately."

When asked about her stance on Israel, she said she would stand with "our ally Israel."

Following the speech, Bachmann shook hands with the audience, signed autographs and posed for photo opportunities.

Her next stop after Sibley was to be in Primghar. Two more Friday appearances were also scheduled.