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Editorial: Walz worthy of two more years

Rep. Tim Walz

Listening to Tim Walz speak, it's clear he's passionate about representing his southwest Minnesota constituents.

Walz, a Democrat from Mankato, has been doing this for six years now, and is in the process of seeking his fourth two-term against radical Republican Allen Quist.

While Walz stresses the importance of working to forge bipartisan solutions -- by no means an easy thing nowadays -- Quist seems disinterested in negotiating with anyone from the left, instead advocating solutions to trimming the deficit (to cite one issue) that veer even further rightward than GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan.

Minnesota's First Congressional District is by no means liberal, but it isn't ultra-conservative, either. Walz realizes this, and during a visit earlier this month to the Daily Globe spoke frequently of the need for compromise. He worked, for example, on the House Ag Committee with fellow Minnesota Democratic Rep. Collin Peterson to achieve bipartisan Farm Bill accord. That bill, as Walz rightly notes, has been "shut down over ideology," something he feels is deeply unjust. "I think this country worked better when getting to the 218 (votes required a bill's passage in the House) involved the other side. ... If you give up on the idea of 'we're all in it together,' you give up on the principle of democracy."

Walz, nevertheless, is enthusiastic about moving forward, with one example being a bipartisan effort to bring forward the American Clean Energy and Independence Act. "President Kennedy said, 'Let's get to the moon by the end of the decade.' I'd say, 'Let's get to energy independence by the end of 20 years.'"

We hope Walz will remain in Washington to help lead the way toward that goal, and others.