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Editorial: Elect Hamilton to new two-year term

Rep. Rod Hamilton R-Mountain Lake

When it comes to serving residents of Minnesota House District 22B, incumbent Rod Hamilton is eminently qualified. The four-term Mountain Lake Republican has worked hard for rural Minnesotans, and as a result has earned respect from people of varying political stripes.

Hamilton's experience in St. Paul has led him to some important leadership positions. He was named House Majority Whip after Republicans took control of that body following the 2010 elections. He has also continued to serve as the chair of the House's Agriculture and Rural Development Finance and Policy Committee, a post that helps ensure that Greater Minnesota concerns in those arenas be heard. Other committees Hamilton serves on are Health and Human Services Finance, Rules and Legislative, and Ways and Means.

Hamilton recently listed a significant number of awards as part of his submission of a Daily Globe candidate questionnaire. He has been recognized for his work with Minnesota veterans, individuals with disabilities, the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities, and small business and agricultural interests. This, we feel, is a reflection of Hamilton's consistent willingness to listen to people back home, and take what's important to them to heart while at the State Capitol.

Hamilton's opponent, Worthington Democrat Cheryl Avenel-Navara, would almost certainly be the kind of legislator who would bring heart and passion to her public service. However, we feel Hamilton possesses the ability, experience and wherewithal to continue to represent us.