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Letter: Obama's handling of tragedy brings pride

It was with a heavy heart I read, in the Marshall Independent editorial, through the long list of failures, mistakes, unfulfilled promises, etc. of President Barack Obama, all the while realizing that most of what was made to look like his failure to do his job was due in fact to the failure of those who should be helping to make them happen were instead being critics rejoicing and pointing fingers. God is not mocked. He knows all about this and all other efforts made throughout the last four years to keep him from success.

Then, as I raised my eyes to the TV--here were two men, President Barack Obama and Gov. Chris Christie, formerly at odds, now drawn together by a great tragedy, who when tempted to make this political, Gov. Christie said, "Damn the politics, I have more important things to do now-- people are in distress, crying for help," and President Obama saying, "Politics will take care of themselves, we have a job to do," emphasizing to the people, "We are here for you and we will stand with you until you can rebuild." These two men realized how much they needed each other and could not outdo praising and thanking each other, recognizing that between them they each have the talents and tools needed to help if they work together. What a contrast.

Seeing this happening brought my mind back to an earlier letter I wrote, "How I see Barack Obama," in which I expressed my feeling that perhaps God sent him to us for such a "time as these." Could this be these "times"? Only God knows. Here we see these two men working together and rows of National Guard trucks rescuing hundreds of people --mothers and fathers with babes in arms and children left with nothing, but just thankful to be together safely. These two men quelling fears and keeping alive a ray of hope for better days to come, and thousands of helpers all working together. Need more be said --except this: I felt so privileged to be able to cast my ballot, not only once but two times, for the first black man to serve as our president, and also for one who I believe will go down in history as one of the greatest. He has God-given talents for dealing with whatever circumstances he finds himself in with honesty, faith in God, sincerity, persistence and integrity, making him more than deserving of another term as our president., With my vote is a prayer for him and his family for God's blessing wherever God leads.