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Warrants issued for alleged meth dealers

WINDOM -- Arrest warrants were issued this week for three Mountain Lake men accused of dealing methamphetamine and making several controlled sales to confidential informants in the past year.

Criminal charges were filed against Kham Ouan Khamvongsa, 32, Singphet Sengchan, 31 and Ton Sengchan, 37. All three men are charged with second degree sale, aiding and abetting and conspiracy in controlled substance crimes, and Khamvongsa is also charged with fourth-degree sale, aiding and abetting and conspiracy. All charges are felony level.

In purchase amounts ranging from .8 to 3.4 grams, the three men, together or separately, made alleged meth sales to confidential informants while Cottonwood County deputies or Windom police officers watched and listened through monitoring devices. Before each sale, the informant (CI) was searched for contraband and given buy money.

The investigation into the three men involved at least eight controlled buys and several locations in Mountain Lake as well as Worthington and Windom.

During a debriefing Oct. 10, 2009, the CI indicated he received a text from Ton Sengchan's girlfriend. She asked the CI if he needed anything because she had a connection in Iowa, then told the CI to contact Singphet Sengchan at home. The CI arranged to buy 1.5 grams of meth through Khamvongsa, who is an alleged dealer to both Sengchans.

On Oct. 25, 2009, Singphet allegedly made two sales to CIs in one day -- one around 11 a.m. at the CI's residence in Windom, and one at Singphet's home in Mountain Lake that afternoon. Both purchases were for one gram of meth for $180. During the transaction at Singphet's residence, the officers could hear children in the background and listened as the CI and Singphet discussed the fact that the last two purchases had been short.

During a buy in December 2009, the CI had arranged to purchase a "teener," 1.75 grams, from Ton Sengchan, but ran into a problem with supply. He was only able to purchase one gram. He was to wait at Ton's residence for Khamvongsa, the source, the complaint states. At the debriefing, the CI said Ton left the residence in the CI's vehicle to go see Khamvongsa, but did not bring back any "ice." Ton told the CI Khamvongsa only had a gram, but there was more meth coming down from Shakopee that evening. Singphet then drove the CI over to Khamvongsa's residence to get the gram of meth.

Khamvongsa was allegedly involved in buys in March and April.

Khamvongsa has a criminal history that includes a conviction for possession of stolen property from 2000, plus a variety of driving after revocation and misdemeanor theft charges.

Ton Sengchan has a 1994 conviction for having a dangerous weapon on school grounds, and was also convicted in 2004 of second-degree controlled substance sale. He was sentenced to 44 months in jail, which was stayed on the condition he serve a year in jail. He was released early to attend treatment and put on 10 years probation, He still owes more than $1,600 in court fees and fines.