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Letter: The people's money, and government waste

When Senator Coleman was in Worthington Aug. 6, he expressed his concern over government waste and the people's money. He knows it's not expedient to throw money at an issue without first looking at the entire picture surrounding the issue.

We all know that Medicare is a multibillion dollar entitlement. Coleman realizes that we need to look at the fraud involved in this program. For example, Coleman stated that 25 percent of the claims being made for some equipment is being done with physician identification numbers of doctors who are deceased. That amounts to about $80 billion. That's more than double the entire operating budget for the state of Minnesota.

Washington needs senators who use common sense and understand the ramifications of just throwing money at a problem. The problems our country faces can be solved by looking at the whole picture. The answer isn't always to throw money at a problem. We need to use common sense and determine if the people's money is being used wisely and honestly with integrity.

We need Senator Coleman to remain in the United States Senate.