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Walz requests $10 million for Minnesota 60

WORTHINGTON -- Congressman Tim Walz announced Thursday he will request $10 million for Minnesota 60 in the new Surface Transportation Bill being written by Congress.

The request would provide funding for the Highway 60 four-lane expansion project between Bigelow and St. James, the first phase of which is slated to begin next year. The project will be effective in "creating needed construction jobs, improving traffic flow and reducing congestion," reads a news release distributed by Walz' office.

Walz's funding requests, which include about 15 projects statewide, aren't yet finalized. They will be considered as part of the bill being written by the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. James Oberstar (D-Minn.), who heads that committee, hopes the bill will be written by late May. From there, it must be approved by the House and Senate.

The $10 million was the amount the city of Worthington had requested for the project. City officials were unreachable for comment Thursday afternoon.