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Minnesota candidate filings completed

WORTHINGTON -- Tuesday marked the last day of political filings for federal, state and county offices and other offices in municipalities and school districts that have primaries. The candidate withdrawal period ends Thursday at 5 p.m.

Because of the redistricting across the nation after the 2010 U.S. Census, many county, state and federal offices had to redraw the lines and redefine territories. County commissioners with more than a 5 percent change in population in their district were faced with the task of running for re-election, whether their current term was up or not.

Across southwest Minnesota, the amount of races with two or more candidates for county commissioner districts is quite staggering,with nine of the districts in four counties to be pared down to two names during the Aug. 14 primary election. In Murray County District 1, Nobles County District 2 and Pipestone County District 3, there were at least four people who filed for the office.

Filings for county commissioner by 5 p.m. include:

Cottonwood County: District 1, Ken Fast, Jack Kelly and Kevin Stevens; District 4, Norman Holmen*

Jackson County: District 1, Richard Erickson, Mike Handzus and William Tusa*; District 2, Gary Willink; District 3, Carl Driggins and Rosemary Schultz*, District 4, Cheryl Brooks and Kim Hummel, District 5, David Henkels*

Murray County: District 1, Jeff Carlson, James Jens, Jamie Thomazin and Kevin Vickerman*; District 2, Robert Moline*; District 5, Tim Strenge, Dave Thiner and Roger Zins

Nobles County: District 1, Keith Stubbe and Marvin Zylstra*; District 2, Bruce Loosbrock, Les Madison, Gene Metz, Lonnie Roloff and Vicky Ross, District 3, David Benson*, Robert Paplow and Matthew Widboom; District 4, Robert Demuth Jr.* and Michael Kuhle; District 5, Jacob Holck, Donald Linssen and Marlyn Mammen

Pipestone County: District 1; Luke Johnson and Marge De Ruyter*; District 2, Harold Butch Miller*, District 3, Rick Fey, Bruce Kooiman, Richard Muyskens and Craig Vreeman; District 5, Eudell Coleman, Erv Pribyl and Jerry Remund*

Rock County: District 1, Kyle Hemme and Ken Hoime*, District 2, Ron Boyenga, District 5, Jane Wildung Lanphere*

U.S. Senate filings include Glen Anderson Menze - I, Stephen Williams - I, Kurt Bills - R, David Carlson - R, Bob Carney Jr. - R, "Dick" Franson - DFL, Amy Klobuchar - DFL, Jack Edward Sheperd - DFL and Darryl Stanton - DFL.

Those who filed for U.S. Representative District 1 include incumbent Tim Walz - DFL, Allen Quist - R, and Mike Parry - R. U.S. Representative District 7 filings include incumbent Collin Peterson - DFL, Lee Byberg - R and Adam Steele - I.

Filing to fill the seat in Minnesota State Senator District 22 are Bill Weber - R and Alan Oberloh - DFL.

Filing for Minnesota State Representative in District 22A are incumbent Joe Schomacker - R and Eugene Short - DFL. Filing for Minnesota State Representative in District 22B are incumbent Rod Hamilton - R and Cheryl Avenel-Navara - DFL.

* denotes incumbent