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Editorial: Be sure to cast vote in primary

When Republican U.S. House candidate Allen Quist visited Worthington last week, there was most likely one main goal in mind -- build support for the Aug. 14 primary.

Quist, who is facing Minnesota State Rep. Mike Parry in the primary (the winner will face Tim Walz in November), appeared to have appeal to the folks attending his town hall-style meeting at Worthington High School, but considering only 15 people showed up, the event probably will have a negligible effect on next week's results.

Regardless of one's perception of Quist -- or any particular candidate from any party, for that matter -- it's always a little disappointing to us when public forums such as the one last week draw little interest. In contrast, though, it should be pointed out that this newspaper's forum for Nobles County Board of Commissioners candidates last month attracted more than 100 people. We're not patting ourselves on the back, mind you. We're congratulating county citizens for showing an interest.

We are hopeful that voters will show a similarly strong interest on primary day next week.