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As others see it: Tax credit good for Iowa

We're so glad to see Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad and Sen. Chuck Grassley joining a bipartisan call to extend the wind energy tax credit less than a week after Election Day.

Both had been clear the wind energy tax credit is paramount for national energy independence. Both have been clear wind energy is essential to thousands of Iowa jobs, including the 500 lost when Congress dithered on extending the tax credit.

Branstad is an unabashed fan of state and federal tax credits. In the three months before the election, Branstad lavished the biggest tax credit incentives in state history for two fertilizer plants.

This week, he joined 28 other governors and Democratic Rep. Dave Loebsack appealing to the president and Congress to extend the tax credit that created Iowa's wind energy boom.

The governor, above all, is a pragmatist who puts Iowa interests first.

The tax credit makes U.S. development and production of wind turbines sensible and profitable. Without it, Iowa would not be among the national leaders in wind energy use and production. Without it, the technology and infrastructure would be developed overseas, where higher fossil fuel prices make it more profitable.

Without it, we would face more pressure for dirtier energy options.

With it, Iowa can continue its nation-leading development and training for this expanding American industry, anchoring green energy innovation in the Heartland, not overseas.

The campaign season tricked many Americans into believing there were just two flavors of leadership in this country. Branstad and Grassley supported Mitt Romney, but not their candidate's vow to end the wind energy tax credits.

Branstad and Grassley's leadership on this important Iowa issue proves that their partisan world didn't end Nov. 6. Governance continues, as it must, with smart, informed leaders forming bipartisan coalitions to supporting their state and nation over party and progress over gridlock.