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E911 signage may wait until next year

WORTHINGTON — The installation of E911 signage at all rural addresses in Nobles County may be delayed now until next year, according to Nobles County Public Works Director Stephen Schnieder.

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In response to a question at Tuesday’s Nobles County Board of Commissioners meeting, Schnieder said he is re-evaluating what to include on the signs. Initially, the plan was just to include the address number. In some counties, however, the signs also include the street name.

“I think that’s probably a good idea,” Schnieder said.

He also said there is an option to have the numbers on a vertical sign, rather than horizontal.

“I don’t like the vertical idea because the grass grows up and you have to get (the sign) up higher,” he added.

Getting all of the signs ready and in place will be an extensive project, and Schnieder said he’s “beginning to lean toward not getting the signs up this fall.”

“It will be a fairly extensive project to get a contractor to pick this up and do the work,” he added.

In other action items Tuesday, the board:

- Approved a conditional use permit for Dustin DeBoer, Little Rock, Iowa, to construct a 40- by 120-foot cattle barn to house 200 head of cattle, with manure held in an engineer-designed pit, on a 15-acre parcel in the south half of the southwest quarter of Section 22, Little Rock Township.

Conditions placed on the permit include that the good neighbor policy be adhered to, and that manure be incorporated into the soil.

-Approved a conditional use permit for Brian Lindemann, Sioux Falls, S.D., for operation of a gravel pit and hot mix plant in the east 917 feet of the southwest quarter of Section 35, Little Rock Township.

Conditions on the permit include that it be effective for six years, that dust control measures be taken and weed control provided, and that reclamation be completed within a year after the pit is no longer used.

- Granted approval to Kevin Altman, Adrian, to continue operating a feedlot in the east half of the northeast quarter of Section 21, Lismore Township. The feedlot has a potential pollution hazard that must be corrected before a feedlot permit is reissued for the site.

Altman will work with engineers to design a project that will include two manure storage pits. He has 24 months to complete the work.

- Approved a permit for Absolute Communications II LLC, Sioux City, Iowa, to reconstruct a 580-foot radio tower in the north half of the northeast quarter of Section 19, Worthington Township. This is the KWOA tower that came down in the April 9 ice storm. The new tower will be constructed to withstand higher wind speeds and ice loads.

- Discussed the preliminary budget for county appropriations to organizations. At this point, those appropriations are as follows, but may change before the final budget is adopted: Civil Air Patrol, $1,000; Manna Food Pantry, $2,500; Southwest Minnesota Tourism, $1,000; Southwest Minnesota Arts and Humanities Council, $1,250; Nobles County Historical Society, $28,000; Nobles County Art Center, $7,500; RSVP, $30,998; Nobles County Fair, $22,221; Wind Energy Task Force, $2,000; Worthington Regional Economic Development Commission, $32,000; Southwest Minnesota Foundation, $4,076; and the Small Business Development Center, $2,000, for a total of $134,535.

- Approved the issuance of a county credit card to Information Technology Director Angelo Torres.

- Approved the offering of a third tier insurance plan for county employees. The minimum value (bronze) plan will include a smaller premium and higher deductible.

- Approved some minor changes to county policy, including that the full county board or portion of the board may participate on the budget committee; and that use of facilities and grounds were altered slightly to clarify user fees and allow for food consumption in meeting rooms.

- Approved the reappointment of Rolf Mahlberg to the Okabena-Ocheda Watershed District.

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