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Students, staff share homecoming fun

Amanda Reif and Michael Vorwald were crowned Queen and King of the 2008 Worthington High School Homecoming Royalty during Tuesday night's Coronation ceremonies at WHS.1 / 2
Worthington High School sophomores (front row from left) Nicole Berger and Sarah Cham and (back row from left) Emily Penning, Samantha Thuringer, Chelsea Schmitz, Ann Kruger and Stephanie Pavelko pose in their '80s style workout attire as part of Homecoming Week festivities Tuesday afternoon in the WHS weight room.2 / 2

WORTHINGTON -- This year, the staff at Worthington High School get to have a little fun, too.

The homecoming committee has decided to include teachers in the week of themed dress-up days.

"Sometimes the staff is reluctant to participate in all parts of dress-up days -- they're not going to wear duct tape outfits," explained Sam Becker, student council adviser.

While students donned rolls of duct tape on Monday, staff got to wear ties. Tuesday was College Shirt Day for staff wanting to show off their alma mater and '80s Workout Day for students.

"They actually think this is what it was like in the '80s," said Becker as she observed the homecoming queen candidates in their purple leggings and cut-off sweatshirts, "I told all my classes today, I did not dress up like this in the '80s, and I did dance and I did aerobics, but I did not dress like this."

Today is Gender-Bender Day, when students will dress like the opposite sex. Their teachers will coordinate their outfits within the department.

Thursday is Class Color Day: orange for seniors, pink for juniors, blue for sophomores and yellow for freshmen. Teachers will dress in the same color as their homeroom class. Friday is Spirit Day for both students and teachers, bringing a chance to show off their red, black and white at the afternoon pep fest.

"I think the student response has been pretty good this year," said Anneli Dudley, student council president. "The people that are going to dress up are going to dress up and the people that aren't going to aren't and the people that do have the most fun."

"I really like all the theme days, planning all your outfits (the weekend before) and getting to look cute, getting to dress weird for a week," added Anndi Russell, student council representative.

Nearly 400 homecoming T-shirts have been sold at the district's three public schools and Business Professionals of America is selling homecoming buttons and necklaces.

Homecoming royalty were crowned last night, with Amanda Reif winning the title of queen and Michael Vorwald being crowned king.

The Trojans take on the Luverne Cardinals Friday in a 7 p.m. football game, with a halftime show by the WHS marching band and color guard. After the game, students will be able to check out their classmates at a homecoming dance performance by "From Day One," a band made up of four WHS students.

"New last year was having a band play at the dance. Kids that know the band members want to come, and I think people enjoy that," Russell said.