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WHS celebrates prom night

Brian Korthals/Daily Globe Friends (clockwise from top left) Marin Korthals, Ananaya Alwal, Whitney Coriolan, Alina Keodouangsy, Sarah Cham, Martha Alwal and Paulina Thavixay get together prior to Saturday night's grand March as part of the Worthington High School Prom.

WORTHINGTON -- Kinzie Myrom, a Worthington High School junior, attended her third WHS prom Saturday night.

Chris Geels, meanwhile, was also attending his third prom - this spring.

"It's going to be different than the others," said Geels, a student at Western Christian High School in Hull, Iowa, before the grand march began.

Having attended the Western Christian prom as well as the one at West Lyon High School in Inwood, Iowa, he remarked, "The schedule is way different than the other two."

The schedule for Saturday's WHS event was different than the school's past proms, too, as the prom did not continue throughout the night - though it did extend until past 3:30 a.m.

That was OK with Sabrina Klein, a Worthington senior who previously attended the 2009 festivities.

"I'm looking forward to going home earlier," said Klein, who recalled her previous prom as getting "a little long and drawn out." Myrom, for her part, felt a little differently.

"It's a bad thing," she said of the shorter schedule. "I like it when they go all night."

Myrom and her escort, Northwestern College freshman (and WHS graduate) Eric Van Der Linden, were just one of 112 students taking part in Saturday's prom, principal Paul Karelis said.

The theme for this year's event was Mardi Gras; faculty members John and Gillian Singler helped coordinate the prom and members of the junior class helped set up and decorate.

"I just like to get dressed up," said Myrom, who previously attended proms in her freshman and sophomore years.

"I guess I'm just kind of going with it," Van Der Linden said. "I'm kind of tired of prom; I guess I'm just going for her."

While Myrom and Van Der Linden were going as a couple, Geels and his date, Lexy Teerink, were attending as platonic friends.

"The other proms, we ate when we first got there, instead of supper at midnight," said Geels, noting the WHS meal that took place shortly after the conclusion of the dance portion of the evening. "We also don't have people driving us like they do here. Everyone drives their own cars, and they try to get fancy ones when they can."

Karelis said Sunday afternoon that this year's prom had an abbreviated schedule for two primary reasons.

"I think money was an issue," said Karelis, "and I also think normally we've had to send some kinds home each year because they tired or cranky. It gets to be a long night for everyone."

Karelis said the 2011 WHS prom went off without a hitch, but that doesn't mean this year's schedule change is necessarily going to be permanent.

"Once kids are back at their house, shouldn't the parent be responsible?"

Karelis asked rhetorically. "But I think still we're going to continue to look at other options."

Eli Wass, a Worthington sophomore, went with Klein and was taking part in his first prom, which also included plenty of donated door prizes as well as a performance by a hypnotist that has become an annual tradition.

"She made me go," said Wass, smiling at Klein.

"It's my senior year," Klein quickly stated. "I'd gone to one before and it wasn't that fun. It was just ... interesting."

Klein and Wass each confirmed they were attending the prom as a couple, and they acted like one in at least one way.

"I'm just looking forward to the whole evening," Klein said.

"I'm just hoping not to get yelled at by her," Wass shot back.

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