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Editorial: Construction - and progress - on way

Within the next few weeks, a very visible sign of progress will appear on the northern edge of Worthington.

The City of Worthington's purchase of land from Joel Lorenz has, in turn, led to Bedford Technology's buying of about 11.5 acres of that tract from the city to develop a 36,000-square-foot manufacturing facility on the site. City officials anticipate the first phase of construction to begin this spring.

The construction of a new facility by Bedford Technology is great news from the standpoint that a local Worthington business is both staying here and growing. The council will decide April 1 on the establishment of a TIF district for financial assistance with infrastructure assistance; moving forward with this seems to be a mere formality.

With the building of the new Bedford Technology site, it should go toward making the remaining 80-plus acres of now-city owned land more attractive. The city council is currently considering offering incentives to businesses interested in pursuing "green" projects on the property, an initiative we feel is not only commendable philosophically but also potentially complementary to the bioscience industry already prevalent in Worthington.

The city may still have plenty of work to do in attracting economic development opportunities, but it appears to be putting its best foot forward at this time.