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Editorial: Park improvements will add to appeal

Freedom Veterans Memorial Park, which had its dedication ceremony last Memorial Day weekend, will soon be getting even more attractive.

The Worthington City Council, acting on a recommendation from the Park Advisory Board -- which had heard a presentation from Mike Kuhle, a city councilman and a member of the park's board of directors, earlier this month -- approved a host of planned improvements to the lakeside space. Work is expected to get under way soon.

Perhaps the most important improvement set for the park will be installation of an underground sprinkler system that draws water from Lake Okabena and irrigates the flower beds and grass. There will be no cost to the city, as the Freedom Veterans Memorial Park board will provide the sprinkler system, install it and maintain it.

Other planned cosmetic improvements are noteworthy. There will be ground base lights installed to illuminate the park sign at the entrance, with Worthington Public Utilities to donate the electricity. Also planned is the replacement of the existing gazebo, which was donated by the Lowry family; a plaque recognizing the family will be included as part of the new structure.

To accommodate additional pavers, the installation of two five-feet-tall, three-wing wall units has been proposed and accepted. The walls would allow for 1,160 more pavers.

We appreciate the efforts of all involved with making this already outstanding facility even better.