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Letter: City parks cleanup was team effort

It was an awesome sight for the drivers around Worthington on Saturday morning, April 19. There were young and older members -- and many in-between -- of the Kiwanis family in the Worthington area gathered together to make our community a better place and a more attractive place.

The parks in the community were in for housekeeping from the K-Kids, VOKK, AOK high school club, and members from all three of the community Kiwanis clubs. What a difference it made with the hearty laughs, cool winds and maps to find the parks to be covered by the different groups.

It is absolutely amazing what a person comes across, from a casual toss of debris to a bag floating into the tree limbs along the shoreline to branches that been blown down by strong winds. But the most dangerous articles found were broken glass shards in the grass from carelessly thrown bottles.

Should a child or anyone scrambling in the grass run into those broken shards of glass, it would bring instant body damage. I cannot imagine the pain they could inflict on an innocent child crawling in the grass or an older person shuffling their way across the landscape. Please take notice, and do not be careless with our community parks. They are a gift, and we have to treasure them.

Again, thanks to all who participated -- even those who are not members of the Kiwanis family -- who took the time and care to become a tremendous member of a community team effort.