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Letter: Be sure to observe National Volunteer Week

Kindness is a gift. It has no parameters of taste or smell. It has no dimension of height or width. It can only be measured in how it touches ones life and the feeling it invokes. The magic of kindness is that it can grow -- mostly due to the fact that if someone is the recipient of a kind act they are compelled to try to pass the feeling on. Some people enjoy the process so much that they make kindness a way of life. Some add a sense of purpose to the act of kindness and well, you find yourself with a wonderful concoction of goodness called a "volunteer."

Our communities are filled with people who volunteer to help in many ways, to pass on goodness and kindness -- to instill in others the purpose of such virtues. They become for many, role models of how to live life in spite of health or wealth. The one way a volunteer stands out in a crowd is by the smile on their face, for they truly know how to live.

In celebration of National Volunteer Week, may I make a suggestion? Take a little time to look around you and really see what makes life in our area so great. You may be able to see this miracle of kindness in the form of a volunteer. Take time to thank them, and maybe take the gift of kindness and pass it on.