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Letter: Vote for Wolfswinkel, curb free spending

Attorney Daniel DeKoter remains disconnected from reality. Many families in our county are struggling to make ends meet with monetary inflation eating their paychecks and unbridled government expenses taking the little that's left. We need local government officials who understand this, not the big spenders who DeKoter supports in his recent Daily Globe editorial.

In any event, when it comes to local Republicans voting in the June 3 primaries, does DeKoter take us for fools? Why would Osceola County Republican voters want to take voting suggestions from a Dickinson County resident, who is not a Republican? DeKoter harvests his profits from us by day but doesn't bother living among us by nights and weekends, where the property tax rates on our homes are much higher than on his. How does this qualify him to give political advice to Osceola County voters?

This out-of-county influence seems to be spreading. Sheriff Doug Weber's campaign financial disclosure report was filed recently with the state of Iowa. He took in $3,600 for his campaign and 83 percent of this came from people living outside of Iowa. It starts to feel like Osceola County taxpayers are annually spending $1 million in law enforcement to provide, in reality, private corporate security for a select few.

We are not alone. The people of Iowa are starting to resist the corporate/lawyer control of their state and counties. Nearly 500 lawyers recently put money into a Polk County campaign to stick taxpayers with a haughty proposal to increase their courthouse by five times its current size. The people in Des Moines rose up and told the lawyers and judges no. The lawyers were beaten so badly they would have needed twice as many votes to overcome the irritated taxpayers' vote margin.

If Osceola County Republicans want to take their county back from the powerful special interests, I'd suggest they, too, ignore DeKoter's bloviations.

Our county Republican Party has been on a long-time declining trend, as measured by the percent of active voters who are registered Republicans. Osceola County voters are steadily leaving the Republican Party as many of our elected county, state and federal officials are becoming big-government liberals. Too many of our local leaders have been listening to the likes of DeKoter.

We need new faces in the party, and supervisor candidate Kevin Wolfswinkel is one of those. He has a vision to truly represent the ordinary working people, senior citizens and farmers while providing basic vital county services. I encourage all voters to show up at the primaries June 3 and vote for Kevin Wolfswinkel.