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Letter: Late doctor remembered

I read with great interest the obituary of Dr. John Stam in the Daily Globe.

On June 13, 1948, I wrote in my diary that a Dr. Stam from the State Board of Health came to our home to check our well water. I had been taking our 3-month-old baby daughter to the local doctor because she was very pale and lethargic. They couldn't find what was wrong. I don't know the process that followed, but Dr. Stam must have been contacted.

The baby was on the bottle, and we used our well water in her formula. Dr. Stam found the water had a dangerous amount of nitrates and that a streak ran through our areas where wells were affected. Some neighbors with a baby boy the same age as our baby had the same problem.

So, it goes without saying that I have been grateful to Dr. Stam all these years. I was sorry to read of his death.