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Letter: Writer says he merely provides campaign services

Regardless of Tuesday's outcome, Daniel DeKoter needs to be corrected once again.

I have nothing to say in communities where I assist locals fighting unnecessary new school bonds. I provide campaign services for citizens living in those districts who are contending to protect their communities from the apparatchik of lawyers and bureaucrats. My clients are the ones paying most of the bills and they've been forced to contend with those who would drag their communities down.

My services are not unlike those which Michael Schulte, DeKoter's anointed candidate for Osceola County supervisor used with his last minute automated get out the vote phone call, this past Monday evening.

How is it my campaign services can receive DeKoter's rebuke, but those same services his candidate availed himself of -- do not? Again, in the campaigns in other states where I assist (DeKoter missed a few states...they now also including South Dakota, Missouri and Texas) -- I have nothing to say publicly about the local issue. In DeKoter's case -- he can't stop flapping his tongue in our county. DeKoter has now become a liability to the county. Why doesn't he stick to issues in Dickinson County, his home?