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Letter: Kiwanians spruce up Pioneer Village

This was the fifth year the Early Riser's Kiwanis Club of Worthington volunteered to paint a structure at Pioneer Village. It is possible through the generosity of Thrivent Financial Funds from the local chapter. They are willing to pay for the paint and supplies for the project while club members provide the labor.

This year, the Kiwanis Club also engaged the help of six young men from Kids Peace who gave of their time and energy to complete the project. We applaud them for their community service and willingness to participate. They gave 100 percent while on the job.

Thanks also go to all the fellow Kiwanians who participated and to Glennis Pearson and Jeanene Townswick for the hot chocolate/lemonade and goodies at break times. The Da Vinci award has not yet been announced, but we have a pretty good idea who will receive it this year.