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Letter: China oil drilling 'urban legend'

I read the recent letter submitted by Leroy Vetsch on China drilling for oil off the coast of Florida. I did some research and the information that I uncovered did not match Leroy's information.

So, in response to that letter, I would like to set the record straight. China is not drilling off the coast of Florida. Here are some of the facts that I found:

l Jon Pinon, an energy fellow with the Center for Hemispheric Policy at the University of Miami and an expert in oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico, stated in an interview that China is not drilling off the cost of Cuba.

l Republican Senator Mel Martinez, from Florida, said the rumors were nothing more than "urban legend."

l Vice President Dick Cheney was wrong. In an address to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, he claimed that China was indeed drilling off of the coast of Cuba. He was later forced to retract that statement and acknowledge that his assertions were wrong because no Chinese firms are drilling there.

I feel that it is important to set the record straight so that people know the facts. Then, we can find real solutions to our energy crisis.