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Letter: Wrong decision made on Sibley well

On or about June 23, 2008, the Sibley City Council decided to take up an issue of repairing or replugging the city's newest and best well (Well No. 6). The opinion was to plug the well permanently, leaving the city with one well (Well No. 4), our older well and one with a history of some problems.

The decision to plug Well No. 6 will leave the city vulnerable for adequate water supply in case of a catastrophe to the current rural water supply. I asked a councilman and city staff about the reasoning of this decision. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources gave the city two options -- plug the well or replace the pump and routinely exercise it. The council took the option of plugging, and used the highest estimate of repairing the well versus the plugging. The difference between the two estimates was approximately $17,000. The decision was also based on pumping the raw well water to Otter Creek, which would be prohibited.

A letter written in 2005 from the IDNR asked similar questions, but the city didn't reply to their timetable. The question is, who dropped the ball? I believe that the city should expand the extra money to repair the well until such time that Lewis Clark Rural Water System is connected to the city's water supply. I ask the residents of Sibley to contact the council to reconsider the decision and do the right thing of repair.