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Editorial: Easing gas usage can be simple

The per-barrel cost of oil went down a little bit last week, but relief at nationwide gas pumps hasn't been all that significant. The lowest per-gallon prices for unleaded gasoline in Worthington early Monday were $3.95, with other higher-grade prices -- as well as, of course, diesel fuel -- costlier still.

With summer brings family vacations, and this newspaper has been running a weekly Saturday series on not-so-far-off places worth visiting ("Gas-Saving Getaways) instead of long, fuel-guzzling excursions. But there's another way to save money ... every day.

Many of us live and work in the same community, and drive our cars to work each day. Several of us all take our cars to work by ourselves, instead of offering a ride to a co-worker.

We're not so naive to say that there aren't plenty of people out there who need their car daily for their job (those of us in the newsroom, for example), or need it to run necessary errands during the work day. However, we're also confident enough to state that there is a fair share of folks out there who could be car-pooling but aren't. Or, riding their bikes to work instead of driving. Or even walking.

Saving gas, in many cases, simply requires breaking old habits.