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Golden K Kiwanis appreciates support

A special thanks to the Elks Lodge for use of the facilities for the Golden K fundraiser. This is Golden K's true fundraiser, and thanks to all the people that enjoyed a great breakfast on the Sunday with your families.

Many times the general public asks what we do for these communities. Since I joined in 2003, I look back on the records of the past, when Golden K had 150 members at one time. I will list what I have recorded from our 29-member team.

Our theme is the same as Early Risers and Noon Kiwanis. We are committed to "Children Priority One." Also borrowed from our Kiwanis calendar, we support the "Kiwanis Children's Fund."

We do get involved in many activities. Golden K members also have fun at our meetings on Wednesdays at The Meadows. We have guest speakers for the 25- to 30-minute programs. We gain a great education on what the other occupations contribute to our community and surrounding communities. From these programs, our club decides which need the most help -- not only financially on our limited budget, but through the volunteer programs we support.

Perhaps you, the general public, has seen us at work at many activities. Sometimes we pitch in with Early Risers or Noon Kiwanis on community projects. One example: We helped clean up the parks around the lake on early Saturday morning with the other two clubs.

We have fun, we are active and we are gaining an education on what many people do in our community and Nobles County. Our speakers are from industry, agriculture, education, retail stores, social services, the American Red Cross, church groups and missionaries, police and sheriff's departments, and county and city government.

Since 1968, we have raised our four sons here. Worthington and surrounding communities have helped my family grow. We need more active volunteers. You are welcome to join us to continue to serve our future generations in this world we live in. Come and join our Kiwanis team.