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Editorial: Davis should face Walz in Nov.

Brian Davis stopped by the Daily Globe last week. He has been no stranger to Worthington, as well as numerous other communities in his district, while campaigning for U.S. Congress, and with Tuesday's primary fast approaching, Davis was trying to make as many last-minute visits as he could.

By his own count, Davis attended 18 of 22 county conventions leading up to Tuesday's primary, with as many as seven such events falling on the same weekend. He has also marched in some 40 parades, and including representatives of his campaign has had a presence in 52 parades. He has, most notably, earned the GOP endorsement as the candidate the party wishes to run against Democrat Tim Walz, who wrested the 1st Congressional District seat from Gil Gutknecht two years ago.

Davis comes across as a true conservative who, it should be noted, has the support of two of the other three candidates who initially sought the GOP endorsement. His remaining Republican foe, Dick Day, initially said he would abide by the endorsement process, but then reneged shortly before it was completed.

Davis has proven to be a solid fundraiser as well as one who clearly has garnered respect. He should be a good challenger for Walz.