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Letter: Once again, Peterson doesn't tell both sides of the story

As has been his custom during our previous two election races, Richard Peterson is attempting to distort my record on supporting property tax relief through partisan bickering. As usual, there are two sides to the story.

Last session alone, I helped approve a bill that provides a $60 million increase in Local Government Aid, and added $25 million to a property tax relief program. In 2005, I voted to close the tax loophole allowing businesses taking advantage of their foreign operating status and sending those funds to LGA.

I also supported providing all property owners with a 15 percent reduction on their 2007 property taxes, and increasing existing property tax relief by 15 percent in 2008. I even supported making the state's income tax more progressive by lowering the lowest tier from 5.35 percent to 4.85 percent.

Needless to say, with a quick scan of the facts, my support for LGA and property tax relief is well documented.

My job as state representative is to fight for the needs of your readers. Whether it's securing funds for a four-lane freeway on Highway 60, or fighting tirelessly for funding equity for our schools and long-term care facilities, I analyze every bill before me with one thought: Will this benefit the folks in District 22B?

Despite what my opponent is trying to claim, the needs of our district are not Democrat or Republican. Property tax relief and LGA are near the top of our priority list, and I will continue fighting for them at the State Capitol.