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Letter: 'Walk doesn't match the talk'

The Daily Globe reported Worthington has received housing grants from the Department of Employment and Economic Development and the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency. Beyond that, there are other plans to attract more money to help solve the housing crisis in Worthington.

The housing problem in Worthington has been growing for years. Many community leaders, churches and associations are working hard and doing what they can to help. From what I read and understand, the employer that created the problem is mostly absent from participating in a solution. To date, the employer has not contributed any money to develop more housing. To date, the employer continues to ask taxpayers and charitable organizations to solve their housing problem. To date, the employer talks a good game, but the "walk doesn't match the talk."

Until the employer commits major funds, I repeat, major funds and is a full-fledged partner in the solution, I believe Worthington should declare a "time out" and wait to see what the employer will do.