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Letter: Thanks for efforts to protect RIM Wetlands

Thank you to the hunters who have supported my attempt to protect my RIM- protected wetlands against destruction from Murray County and Murray County Commissioner Bob Moline.

I would caution anyone who might be considering RIM Wetland Easements with Minnesota to do so at your own peril. Any monies you might receive will soon be needed and depleted in legal fees defending against litigation brought against you by county drainage interests, as in the present litigation pending and initiated by Moline against me and the RIM Wetland that I own. No help is given to wetland owners under the RIM easements from Minnesota. That is why I wish to warn anyone considering a RIM Protected Wetland Easement of what can happen to you.

Murray County might espouse flood water retention projects to help with flood waters and erosion on projects that don't exist, but wetlands already in existence are litigated against with the actions of Commissioner Moline with the goal of harassing the owner until the wetland can be destroyed. I should not give Murray County Commissioner Moline all the credit for such conduct, because Murray County's Paul Malone tried the same thing against my mother until an independent engineer found a diminished bridge capacity and not the beaver the problem. Now, 12 years later, with even more erosion and sediment obstruction, poor Paul has forgotten the little bridge that can't and talked Commissioner Moline into leading the charge into the muck of litigation -- even if no land owner named as a petitioner has contacted me over the last 12 years and Moline won't say who has contacted him. It reminds me of a patient telling. the doctor, "Doc, I have a lot of pain, and l need either some pills, a shot or an operation." When the doctor inquired as to the location and type of pain the patient responded, "I'm not going to tell you that. Just do it."

Politicians and lawyers don't have much of a memory some times, but they still can be amazing. Some of the hunters from Worthington -- or at least 12 of them, on the other hand -- have stepped up to the plate and written letters of support for the protection of the RIM Wetlands in this dispute. I am humbled and extremely thankful to them for their support.