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Letter: Walz has done much for veterans

I am writing to urge veterans to support the re-election of Congressman Tim Walz. I had become resigned to all talk and no action by his predecessor.

When Tim first went to Congress in 2007, I was especially glad to see him volunteer for the Veterans Committee. As a leader of the group of newly elected Congress men and women, his impact was immediate. This was one of the best places for a retired National Guard Command Sergeants Major to continue taking care of veterans.

In the two short years that he has been working in Washington for southern Minnesota, Tim Walz has helped produce significant veterans' legislation. First was the passage of the new GI Bill that helped restore the value of GI education benefits to close to where it was after World War II, when the first GI Bill was enacted. Our returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan will be able to afford go back to school when they finish their service. Second, this Congress passed the largest-ever increase to funding for the Veterans Department. We see this locally in the increased dollars flowing to the Luverne Veterans Home.

Much of this legislation was achieved with bipartisan support. Both parties worked to accomplish significant legislation for Veterans, and Rep. Walz was one of many that reached across the aisle to get this done. I know Tim Walz, and he will work without regard to party affiliation to get things done for veterans.

It is so refreshing to see Congress take veterans' issues seriously. Veterans need to keep this retired Command Sergeants Major working in Congress.