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Letter: Change of opinion doesn't go unnoticed

In response to the letter written by Timothy A. Henning that encouraged the improvement of roads and bridges to help improve the safety and economic well-being of our local community:

In the spring of 2007, the Wilmont Township board proposed a road improvement project for a road that bordered property that Mr. Henning farms. Land owners and renters along the proposed project road were informed, and all were in favor with one exception: Henning. At that time, Henning didn't seem to be concerned with improving roads or bridges and actually discouraged such projects. This project has since been voted on, passed and completed.

I'm glad to see that Mr. Henning has since changed his opinion and the people of our community can count on his support of any future road or bridge projects that would benefit the safety and economic well-being of our local community. I wonder what his opinion will be next spring?