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Letter: Thier will continue to work hard for district

We are writing in response to Lonnie Roloff's letter of Oct. 28.

First of all, was Mr. Roloff at the forum in Worthington? We thought it strange that Diane Thier and Mr. Behrends should be at a forum where there were only their spouses that could vote for them in the whole audience.

As far as looking out for the people in District 2, we challenge Mr. Roloff to talk to the townships that Diane represents and the towns she represents and ask them if she tries to do right by them. She has always put the interests of District 2 before all else in her efforts to represent them. Everyone would like to have economic development in their towns, but the fact is businesses want to locate where there are many amenities. If we can't attract business in our small towns, then let's be the best "bedroom community" we can be. This is what she said at the forum and what she believes.

When people move into our small towns, they bring their families, and this helps our schools, churches and our main street businesses. She has worked tirelessly to see that all departments of our county stay within their budget. This includes the Sheriff's Public Safety, Highway, and Family Services. Since Deputy Roloff works for the sheriff's department, we have to wonder if there is an ulterior motive, since Diane was the only one at the forum to say that the Sheriff has enough deputies.