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Letter: Writer makes correction to his earlier letter

I wish to make an apology to Murray County Commissioner Robert Moline for an error that I made in a letter to the editor of this paper.

My statement that he is litigating or suing me was inaccurate. He is litigating or suing Melba Carney, my deceased mother (died in 2006).

The Fifth District Court heard the case Oct. 20, 2008. Melba Carney, my deceased mother, did not appear at the hearing, and neither did Robert Moline. Only Murray County Attorney Paul Malone, the plaintiff's attorney, appeared on Moline's behalf to announce the case and inform the court that he does not represent Murray County in this case. Melba Carney was not represented by counsel, since she has been incommunicable since her death in 2006.

Even if she somehow could have appeared, she could not have faced her accusers since they didn't show. All the rest of my previous letter is accurate concerning the attack on the RIM Protected Wetlands that I own. The rest of the Murray County Commissioners had no knowledge of this litigation prior to the Open Forum of the meeting of the Murray County Commissioners Meeting on Oct. 14 (a full moon), when I informed them of it.

It appears Halloween might have come early. Robert Moline sued a dead person, Melba Carney, my deceased mother. What a way to celebrate. What an amazing heritage we have here in Murray County. Way to go, Robert.