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Letter: Financial bailout was illegal and dishonest

America used to be famous for its investigative reporters who countered the excesses of corporate and political leaders.

Most all of these important voices in America have been eliminated by the austerity of the budget ax, intimidation or fear itself.

The Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee, on Oct. 28 published a report from the Minneapolis Federal Reserve research section that provided "strong ammunition to Congressmen and community bankers who are now angrily accusing Hank Paulson of using the $700 billion bailout to feed small, sound banks to big, unsound ones, and lying to do it. ... The Minneapolis Fed report appears to prove in black and white, in 12 pages of charts, that Paulson lied, to stamped Congress into passing the hated ... bailout."

This illegally rammed bailout example of the Minneapolis Fed report expose indicates that investigative reporting is alive in the voice of Executive Intelligence Review (EIR).

Andy Olson, Heron Lake