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Editorial: Christmas Baskets bring cheer

Here's an excerpt of a letter received last December by the fine folks who coordinate the Worthington area Community Christmas Basket program:

"I'm sitting here thinking and crying after putting away the items from the Christmas Basket that we were able to receive because someone like you thought of us at this time of year. And I wonder if you realize that if it was not for your thoughtfulness that my family and many others would go without. And I want to thank you for remembering all of us at this time of year."

That testimonial is just one demonstration of the value of the Community Christmas Basket program, which will distribute baskets Friday at American Reformed Church. For the past several weeks, donations for the baskets have been accepted, and volunteers -- likewise -- will give generously of their time in getting the baskets ready. And there's no doubt that there's need throughout the region. Gene Foth, of Worthington's Manna Food Pantry, is one person who can attest to that.

While the baskets will be handed out Friday, there will be an additional opportunity to support the Christmas Basket program with the Albs concert Sunday at Worthington's First United Methodist Church. This is the biggest fundraiser for Christmas Baskets, and we urge the public to come out, enjoy some quality entertainment and support the type of cause that's so important -- and meaningful to many -- at holiday time.