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Editorial: Marching to success

File Photo: Ellen Dudley leads the Worthington Senior High School Marching Band on her horse at the start of the King Turkey Day parade Saturday in Worthington. (Brian Korthals/Daily Globe)

The Worthington community should be proud of how well it was represented by a group of local young men and women on Thanksgiving Day.

Worthington High School's marching band, under the direction of Jon Loy, participated in the McDonald's Thanksgiving Day Parade in Chicago -- an event nationally televised on WGN and no doubt viewed by many in this city. And not only did the Worthington band march in the parade, but it had the honor of closing out the event by escorting none other than Santa Claus himself down the street.

We've since heard accounts of how several students in the band were afflicted with the flu while on their trip to Chicago, and nevertheless went out to march and give a stellar performance. In fact, many in the community -- forgive them if there's a little bit of bias -- have noted that the WHS band was the best of the bunch, including bands from the Chicago area.

We salute this group of Worthington youths who were able to achieve participation in the Chicago parade. We also tip our hat to them for well they represented our city during the event.