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Letter: Walz won't be taking pay raise

I note that on Jan. 2, the Daily Globe reprinted an editorial that originally ran Dec. 29 in the Fairmont Sentinel. Titled "A pay raise? Now??", the piece suggested that in these hard economic times it would be appropriate for members of Congress to forgo their annual "cost-of-living" pay increases.

I'd read this editorial before; it was referenced in the political blog, with a short additional comment. The Bluestem Prairie editors added:

"We agree with the editors, faulting them only for a glaring omission: neglecting to tell their readers that Congressman Walz has already refused his raise -- and last year's raise as well. He will continue to send both sums back to the U.S. Treasury."

Since Rep. Tim Walz, whose district includes both Fairmont and Worthington, has pledged to return his Congressional pay raises until there is a balanced Federal budget -- and is carrying out that pledge -- I think it's appropriate for readers in the First Congressional District to know about it.