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Editorial: City seeks feedback with survey

Last Thursday, a "Worthington Community/Senior Center Questionnaire" was included as a one-page supplement inside the Daily Globe.

Apparently, quite a few people noticed the survey and are taking the time to complete it. Worthington City Clerk Janice Oberloh said Tuesday afternoon that response has been strong -- about 100 questionnaires were turned in Monday, she said, followed by more Tuesday.

People who have the survey but have yet to turn it in are encouraged to do so. And, more forms are available at City Hall.

Questions included relate to senior dining, what is perceived to be the "biggest gap" in senior services and activities in Worthington, and the types of programs desired for a Community/Senior Center (respondents may rank from high interest to low interest), as well as on desired location and potential fees.

It's no secret that the city has received plenty of criticism in recent years for how it has proceeded with a new senior center. While a new facility won't -- of course -- satisfy everyone, it's clear the city is making a substantial attempt to reach out to the public for feedback.