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Letter: Many changes, but racism remains

There is no time like the present to bring this topic forward -- racism in our country and, more specifically, racism in our community. I gladly read the article in this fine newspaper about the McFarlane family. Oddly enough, back in my past, I counted Wain McFarlane as one of my friends. My high school buddies started a garage band with Wain. It was an exciting time back then.

Many things have changed since, but, as the adage goes, "the more things change, the more things stay the same." It is my sense that the overt racism of the past merely morphed into the covert racism of today.

Most obvious is the recent publication of the despicable chimpanzee cartoon in the New York Post. Deny as they may, it was a racist commentary. It could be dismissed, and their weak apology is wholly inadequate.

Fallout from their plunge from grace seems to have triggered the nasty gene that threads its way through the Republican Party. I have stated several times in this forum that when faced with losing their grip on power, conservatives lose all grasp of civility. Witness to this is the presence of the "Curious George" sings proudly waved at certain rallies during the campaign.

Look how low that pre-eminent bamboozler Rush Limbaugh has sank. He is beneath contempt for his commentary of late. Is this "truth, justice and the American way?" I don't think so, and I pity the poor fools that think that it is.

We are better than that. Our republic is better than that. Yes, we can throw down the gauntlet when it comes to such outrageous behavior. Think of it. Think of where we were back then and where we are today. It is time to call out these bigots and have them stake claim to shame they so rightly deserve.