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Editorial: Take a few minutes for feedback

Worthington City Hall (Brian Korthals/Daily Globe)

Worthington's city leaders are consistent about encouraging their constituents to offer feedback. Now, there's a new effort being made to gauge how people feel about Worthington ... and potential directions the city should take in the future.

A City of Worthington Citizen Survey ( allows the opportunity for residents to give their opinion on numerous aspects of Worthington life, including every type of city service imaginable along with business and professional opportunities. There's also a section where survey respondents can rate how they would prioritize using money from the sale of Worthington Regional Hospital to Sanford Health.

A disclaimer at the top of the survey notes that "personal information will not be used any way other than survey analysis purposes." Along with gathering what it hopes will be a substantial number of responses, the city "will be randomly selecting 20 individuals for one-on-interview," and is also coordinating a citizen focus group.

It will be interesting to see the results of the city's survey, and we are hopeful that Worthington officials will share them with us. More importantly, though, we are pleased that the city is making a renewed effort to let its citizens know that their thoughts do indeed matter.