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Letter to the Editor: There's a bad smell in the air

Growing up in the '50s and '60s, an older neighbor had a saying: "There should be open season on crooked lawyers and politicians and no limit."

If he were still living, he would now add lobbyists and bank CEOs.

He told a story about an old guy who got too much to drink.

While sleeping it off in an alley, some hoodlums came along and with a stick smeared some cat manure in his moustache. When he came to he says "Hmm. Smells like _____." Walked a little further, same thing. Finally saying "Everywhere I go, the whole world smells like ____."

So until there is a bounty paid on these hogs, it will not change. Ken Lay was the only honorable one, he kicked the bucket. Let's hear your solution. Radical?

Lloyd Pfeiffer, Windom