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As others see it: Public fed up with pay arrogance

The MnSCU Board of Trustees should be ashamed for their approval of $415,875 in bonuses for college and university presidents and three vice chancellors.

And, after that, they should do the honorable thing and resign en masse.

There is absolutely no good reason for people in the public sector, especially higher education, to be given such bonuses at a time when those they lead -- teachers and others -- have taken pay freezes the last two years.

And also at a time when the students they serve are facing some difficult tuition increases.

MnSCU officials defend the bonuses by saying they are committed to performance pay because it provides more accountability for its top leaders.

But it's not as if these people are making pauper pay. The head of MnSCU, Chancellor James McCormick, earns a $360,000 base pay and has received $72,000 in bonuses the last two years, including $40,000 earlier this year.

Bottom line: This type of pay arrogance in the public sector is what has so much of the public so absolutely outraged and fed up.

Times have changed dramatically. We are all in an economy more challenging than for decades.

The only way this will change in regard to MnSCU is a change at the top -- a change in the board.