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Letter: Visitor impressed by businesses, people

I visited your fair city recently and instaneously fell in love with it. Stopping first at the Hy-Vee, I have yet to see a store nicer than this one. It was large, neat, and clean as a pin. Brian, one of the managers, was quick to give me permission to take pictures of some of the departments and people therein. I did and was overwhelmed by the kind reception I received. They were nice to me even though they knew in an instant I was an "Iowegian." Amazingly, we spoke the same language.

Later, I toured the city briefly and found it picture perfect. Then, I went over to Jim Klinkenborg's motorcycle shop. Jim was there and was his usual cordial self. I was impressed with the shop, the variety of cycles therein, and especially the personnel. Jim remembered me as one of his former teachers. I know him and many of his relatives in Rock Rapids, Iowa. They are all nice people.

I left thinking to myself that this is a place in which I could easily live and thrive. I do not know what you are doing, but it appears to me that you are doing a lot of things right! Keep it up.

The Globe has long been one of my favorite papers. Jill Callison, a former employee of yours, is a long-time acquaintance and friend of mine. She now writes for the Argus Leader.

I will be back! Of that you can be sure.

Respectfully and enthusiastically yours,