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Letter: Santa Claus will take care of everything

Regarding Elgin Schmidt, retired farmer, letter to editor on July 13 involving Minnesota Universal Single Payer health care coverage.

Some excerpts: "Imagine your doctor acting in your best interest without having to check with the insurance company." Who does he check with? Santa Claus? "No co-payment or outrageous deductibles?" Oh ya Santa Claus. "Health care is a human right." All the billions of humans in the world? Tell that to the millions aborted or aren't they human? Or who do the abortees go to for health care? Oh ya Santa Claus.

The Minnesota Universal Health Care Coverage (MUHCC) has many pertinent questions and answers. Such as "Pay less and get more." Santa Claus? "Is the plan 'socialized medicine?'" No it's Santa Claus medicine!

"Premiums collected by Department of Revenue but kept in a separate account." Ya just like your Social Security was for last 50 years! Santa Claus. "Won't this lead to rationing of health care?" Santa will monitor.

"Will illegal immigrants be covered?' Oh, "that's a federal issue." Santa again? "Everyone pays their fare share." Oh yes "Santa Claus," and if he doesn't there is always the Easter Bunny, and if not than the goose that lays the golden eggs, and doesn't every millionaire farmer have one or two?